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Elements of Great Logo Design

Elements of Great Logo Design for Businesses

A well-designed logo is more than a piece of art; it’s a business asset that helps you establish a brand’s identity. A well designed logo communicates the emotional attachment that your brand shares with your clients. A professionally designed logo can heighten a consumer’s trust for a brand, and trust leads to repeat customers. This…

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The USDA Certification Process - Branding Agency Miami

How To Get Your USDA Organic Certification

This article will help with demystifying the USDA organic certification process. Organic brands are gaining so much relevance, both in price and cultural capital. The organic food market is set to grow at 20-25% in 2018 according to N. Balasubramanian, CEO of 24 Mantra Organic. Many Miami Organic Brands are sprouting up in hopes of…

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Kill Your Designer Cover

When to Kill Your Designer?

When Working With a Designer, good design is key to most successful business endeavors. Great relationships matter even more. Because success is never achieved alone, we hire experts in design to help our visions come to life. Maintaining a productive relationship when working with a designer is key to making our visions manifest. However, not every…

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How to Invest in a Logo That Doesn’t Suck! (How a Logo is created)

How is a logo created? How do you invest in a logo? It’s a process that includes meetings, ideation, sketches, revisions, and more meetings. It’s the part of branding that most business owners are familiar with. Logo design is one aspect of branding that helps grow your business. However, it is very easy to make…

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