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Susan and Roy Smith, All About Scooters, Tallahassee, FL

Curiosity Killed the Copy-Cat


My goal was to develop a well thought out brand to differentiate their scooter business from new-coming local competitor, Scooterville of Florida, by positioning the brand in hearts and minds of cost aware college students of Florida State University.


I collaborated with All About Scooters to develop a locally adored brand for the college students of Tallahassee, FL, setting their business apart from all past and future competitors. Client noted accesability of site had greatly influenced their customer’s purchasing decision over competitor.

The Problem

The effect of two scooter stores in the same city using the same colors was having a very negative affect on market share for All About Scooters. The new comer blatantly used the same colors, however he decided to move his store much closer to campus where the majority of All About Scooter’s customers reside.

Client's Pain Points

  1. Losing market share to new copycat competitor.
  2. Website not generating revenue.
  3. Traffic from mobile devices being lost.
  4. Doesn’t want to pay a designer on monthly basis to update site.

Customer Pain Points

  1. Trouble navigating site on mobile devices.
  2. Wasting money sending funds directly to children to purchase scooter.
  3. Would purchase scooter but can’t find parking easily.

The Strategy

Customers found it easier to get to the other location, but were having negative experiences with the new comer’s service team. We decided to use this to our advantage and highlight the dependability of the service team in the branding.

  1. Define the brand
  2. Update logo
  3. Make site responsive so busy students can browse store on the go.  
  4. Differentiate the brand by highlighting service team and updating brand colors.
  5. Show empathy for students on a budget in messaging by offering flexible financing options to make it easier to buy a scooter.

Defining the Brand

We spent about two weeks with the staff to experience how they interacted with their clients. A list was made and filtered down to five of the most outstanding qualities of the business. We then decided to magnify these attributes and make them the focal point of which to build the brand on top of.



We value honesty, dependability, generosity, and world-class customer service. We will never sell you a scooter we wouldn’t ride ourselves because we care. We replace the stock spark plugs and upgrade the stock oil, free of charge with every new purchase.


All About Scooters & Motorcycles provides economical transportation to cost aware college students, in Tallahassee, FL. We provide our services in a warm, knowledgeable and friendly environment while helping our customers feel empowered by making a better decision.

Brand Mark

Brand Mark Process

Logo development: Grid Outlining. 

Logo development: Filling. 

Logo development: Digitizing Sketch. 



Responsive Design


Solving Business Problems With Design

Wile speaking with customers, we found quite a few that mentioned sending their children money to purchase a scooter, only to find out their little angels were wasting the money on other things. Because the shop owners had no interest in shipping orders, our solution was to create a reserve function so that parents could pay for the scooter from their mobile device, and the student could then go to the shop to pick it up.

We made the FSU parking map available so that students could easily find a spot to park directly from the site.

Empathetic Messaging

The take away with messaging was simple: You’re a student, and college is expensive and time consuming. We get it. This is the store for you.

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