2 Jan

Damian A. Cruz, Tomas Cruz

That's One Sharp Cookie

Grandma Esther’s is Hollywood, FL’s go-to bakery for baked organic, Non-Gmo deliciousness. Their organic brand was inspired by love and dedication. Packed with all organic gluten free ingredients, this wellness brand needed a website and brand identity to tell their story.

The Grand Esther's Organic Brand mark
We had to find a creative way to bring the organic brand story to life. Because Grandma Esther was a very warm and motivating person, we decided to focus on bringing that aspect of her personalty to life in the brand messaging. After researching the target demographic, we aligned the motivating brand attribute with the energy provided from the nourishing organic ingredients.  A new campaign was developed that would encourage movement. The Tag-line “A happy dance with every bite” was drafted, and then activated with the “Show Us Your Happy Dance Campaign”, encouraging customers on Instagram to join in on the fun.
Grandma Eshter's Brand imagery with the Busy Bee icon in motion
Organic Brand Icon design
Organic Brand Artifacts for Grandma Esther's Cookies
Organic Brand Collateral for Identity design.
Raw Cookie Dough Organic Brand Packaging Design
Mobile Brand Design
More Stationery Business Card design
Brand values list.
The GE Brand Manifesto
Ecommerce design
Branded coupon hang-tags
Apparel for Bee Keeper Brand advocates and packaging for baked organic products
Brand Guidelines booklet Design
Brand Strategy booklet Design.

Finding the Sweet Spot (Positioning)

This was by far one of the greater challenges faced with this project. During an extensive discovery phase, several leading brands were researched. After filtering through several hundred points of parity, I decided to use the nutritional value and price premium as the key positioning factors for Grandma Esther’s.

Hot & Mild Flavors (Stylescapes)

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