Selling Brands Over Services

Do you have an organic product or service? Are you ready to give your organic brand some life? Well first, it helps to know the difference between a brand and a service!
Here is a brand Infographic explaining the pros cons. On the left, you will find the benefits of a branded service, and on the right, you will find the cons of an unbranded service.
It’s not impossible to become a successful service business and there are plenty of successful unbranded service businesses alive.
Branding can greatly influence your competitive advantage in the marketplace. Here is why:

Service VS. Brand Infographic

Brand VS Commodity Infographic
Branding your service or organization can greatly help to leverage your place in the market. Typically brands do this by way of differentiation.
The goal is to stand out in a crowded marketplace. By being different, businesses can increase their revenue by commanding a higher price premium.

Additional Resources For Brand Design:

Are you interested in brand identity answers? You can watch our video on how to invest in a logo that doesn’t suck here!
Also, a great book you can read on brand identity design is  Designing Brand Identity by Alina Wheeler.
This book is my personal favorite, as well as a must have for anyone considering branding an organization.
It’s a great reference even If you prefer to leave your branding endeavor to the professionals. It can help you understand the vernacular branding specialist use to cultivate brands.  Alina Wheeler does a fantastic job of making the content digestible with this title.
The book is broken up into several chapters with roughly two paragraphs per page.  It has great images that help you visualize the brand identity process. I consider this book the most concise in the brand identity ethos. Enjoy!
Alina Wheeler - Designing Brand Identity
Designing Brand Identity – By Alina Wheeler